Welcome to the Wanderers Tennis League App

Over the years, The Wanderers Tennis Club has had a proud tradition of hosting a series of social tennis days on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays to encourage active participation amongst members. Additionally, members also have an opportunity to play annual Club Championships that have gained immense and unprecedented popularity over the years. Our affiliation with Gauteng Central Tennis Association also allows our members to actively participate in the local leagues. However, most members have been asking for the club to create fun, social, and competitive events that will give players an opportunity to play more tennis in a structured manner. These events are also a great way to keep strong social networks, attract new members to our tennis community and to enhance the quality of tennis at the club.

It is with these pillars in mind that from the 13th October 2019, the Wanderers Club will be introducing the ‘Wanderers Tennis Club League’. This is a new and structured internal league that is also aimed at bridging the gap between leagues and club champs. It also strives to be a fair and transparent platform for assessing player strength by creating clear criteria for players who wish to be selected for league teams in 2020.

Wanderers League 2019/2020

To view your schedule of games you are playing, navigate to the Schedule tab and select your relevant group or search for your name.

To view the league standings, select the Logs menu and then select your group

Important: Schedule is likely to change, current schedule is not confirmed.

The fee to participate in this league is R450

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't play on a particular day that is scheduled, what should I do?

A: The schedules are just a guideline, you can arrange to play the match with your opponent anytime.

Q: Many of the games are in December and I am going away for a holiday, what should I do?

A: The whole of January is available for scheduled matches. We have until the end of Jnauary to get through all the matches.

Q: How do I update my score?

A: You can either send it to Jonathan Bell to update, or you can request a PIN so that you are able to update the results yourself. For a PIN, please request it from Jonathan Bell.

Q: I am not on any of the league groups, how do I get added.

A: Please contact Jonathan as soon as possible so that the schedule can be ammended.

Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: R450 for the whole league.

Q: How are the points calculated?

A: One point for playing the game, one point for each set won, one point for a win.

Q: I do not wish to participate in this league.

A: Please contact Jonathan as soon as possible so that the schedule can be ammended.

Q: How do I know which group I am in?

A: Click / press Logs. Go through each group of A, B, C, D, E and see where you are placed. If you do not appear, contact Jonathan Bell

Q: How do I see all the games that I am scheduled for?

A: Click / press Schedule. Select your group. Type your name in the search box, click on the button. You should now see all your scheduled and played games.